Aurora Residents: Free 96 Gal. Recycling Toter!

City of Aurora Residents now have the option to receive a free 96 gallon Recycling Toter! Complete this form to get your very own sparkling-brand-new 96 gallon Recycling Toter for your curbside recycling pick-up at no additional charge or contact Mid-Nebraska Deposal at 1-800-872-8502.  Pickup for reycyclables is Tuesdays in Aurora.

Recyclables that are accepted are:

Tin and Aluminum cans, Newspapers, Phone Books Remove covers), Plastic Bottles #1-#7 (Remove liquids), Cereal/Pancake Type Boxes, Magazine, Junk Mail and Cardboard (Flatten boxes).  NO GLASS, PLASTIC BAGS or STYROFOAM ACCEPTED.




Thanks for recycling,

The City of Aurora