Snow Removal Information

The City of Aurora reminds citizens of the snow removal process and important safety tips.

There are approximately 100 lane miles to be cleared by the City's employees using several pieces of equipment to help clear snow and salt our City streets. The Street Department, in cooperation with the City of Aurora Police Department, determines when the snow removal will begin. In a Snow Emergency, the City divides its snow removal into priority areas:

  1. First, "Emergency Routes" are cleared.
  2. Second, critical service areas such as the Hospital, Fire and Ambulance Departments.
  3. Third, residential streets and business areas.
  4. Lastly, hauling of snow from the Square, downtown, and other public areas.

Emergency routes are typically the major arterial streets within the City and are clearly marked with signs. It takes a significant amount of time to clear all streets.

The City receives many calls about City equipment pushing snow into driveways. City employees are instructed to push snow "curb-to-curb". Plowing curb-to-curb means snow getting pushed into both cleared and uncleared driveways. The equipment operators do not intentionally place snow in driveways. It is not the responsibility of the City to clear snow that was plowed from the street onto curbside sidewalks or private driveways. During a snowstorm City crews will need to make several passes to clean the snow efficiently . Save time and energy by waiting until crews have finished plowing before cleaning out your driveway.

The City reminds citizens that vehicles, trucks, and trailers should not be parked in the streets during snow emergencies. This will prevent damage to equipment, and vehicles, alleviate vehicles from becoming buried in the snow and will allow the streets to be properly cleared. Once the City Street Department begins snow plowing and removal, the City of Aurora Police Department will begin towing vehicles parked on the Emergency Routes.

It is the property owner's or occupant's responsibility to clear sidewalks of snow and ice. It is prohibited to blow, shovel, or plow snow from sidewalks, driveways, or private property onto any City Street or other City property.

For detailed information about City snow removal, please contact City Hall at (402)694-6992.

For Immediate Release on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 at 3:30pm CST.

A reminder from the City of Aurora:

A. EMERGENCY ROUTES. Whenever there is an accumulation of snow upon the streets and highways within the City, to permit the expeditious and proper removal of snow from emergency routes, it shall be unlawful for the operator or owner of a vehicle to park or permit his or her vehicle to be or to remain parked on either side of the following streets until after completion of all snow removal efforts thereon:

Emergency Routes:
"A" Street, from 8th to 16th Streets
"M" Street, from 1st to 16th Streets
"L" Street, from 11th to 16th Streets
12th Street, from "A" to "Q" Streets
13th Street, from "G" to "Q" Streets
9th Street, from "A" to "Q" Streets
6th Street, from "M" to Hospital Entrance
5th Street, from "Q" to "M" Streets
1st Street, from Burlington Road to "Q" Street
"O" Street, from 5th to 6th Streets
"J" Street, from Highway 14 (16th Street) to 9th Street
"E" Street, from Highway 14 (16th Street) to Mallard Drive
Woodland Road, from Highway 14 (16th Street) to Limerick Road